The Belchertown Fair remains a total volunteer community based event true to its roots. It has been run by different organizations throughout  the years including the Grange, Farmers and Mechanics Club and local VFW.  For many of the same reasons that other small agricultural fairs have folded their tents, “the fair” was precariously close to the same fate in the early 1970s.  The Mill valley Snowmobile Club took over the parade and 5 years later the 129th Belchertown Fair was organized and run by  a very small group of town appointed volunteers  who did not want to see it stop. This group were individuals who had grown up with the fair and saw value in the annual gathering of friends and neighbors while providing a venue for non-profit groups to raise funds. The budget that year was approximately $3,500 . Since that time the fair has grown in many ways. The volunteer group is now includes some of the same original members  as well as many more  who have joined the effort. Many are new to Belchertown and  share the same goals of community spirit and family entertainment. The budget is significantly more. The common is packed all 3 days  with vendors, entertainment,amusement rides and people coming from all the surrounding communities to join the fun. It has grown and adapted. Much remains the same. It is on the Town Common. It is always late in September.It is the largest community event in the town and provides the most significant opportunity for non profit groups to raise funds as well as  showcasing organizations or businesses products and passions.  It is coordinated by a total volunteer workforce. Belchertown Parade and Fair Committee  are appointed by the town selectmen. They meet throughout the year  with increased frequency as  fair week approaches. However these folks don’t do it alone. There are an army of volunteers who help in many areas as well as a fund raising arm to help support large capital projects.   Check out what each arm  does as well as how you can join the fun.