Ed Pop

 ED POPALARZIK, Balloon Twister Extradonnaire

Ed returns as one of the our most popular activities at the fair. He is a magically creative balloon artist sculpting whatever the kid’s request. He is with us most of the weekend right outside the Kid’s Tent, but ends his stay on Sunday afternoon about 3 PM with a Magic Show. Don’t be surprised when you see a line forming to get his spectacular creations. Sponsored in part by Cook/Brown farm

Friday: 3-7 pm        Saturday  1-7 pm

  Sunday 11-3 pm

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All Babies under a year are eligible to enter. It’s easy. Make your way to the Kid’s Tent immediately following the Parade. Register and take a seat. Judges are on hand to award  ribbons, certificates and bragging rights in multiple categories from youngest to  handsomest to best natured and more.  Crowds gather to watch and try to lend  their influence to  judges to pick their favorites.  Whether you know the babies or not, this is a really fun activity to watch. Coordinator Vanessa Gosselin  has the hard  job with her judges panel of  determining the  winners.

Saturday 12 PM

Baby Show

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  pumpkin deco 2       .


In keeping with the Harvest Season, crates of pumpkins are available at the Kid’s Tent to be carved or painted by youngsters of all ages. All the materials are provided. You bring the imagination. This is a make and take activity coordinated by long time volunteer coordinator, Meredith Normandeau with the assistance  of her band of faithful volunteers. This activity is sponsored by Country Bank. Let the Country Bank vounteers know how much you appreciate their support of this great activity.

Saturday 2-4 PM

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 Many kids do not know where our foods come from. Farmer For A Day is a small child-sized activity area that is both educational and fun. Pick an apple, find an egg, milk a cow, use a pitcher pump-all of these and more are there for kids to experience and learn. This activity is in a fenced-in area between the Kid’s Tent and the 4H Tent. It is a haven where kids and parents alike  can play and regroup, taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the common.

Friday 3-8 PM      Saturday Noon-8 PM

Sunday Noon-6 PM

Farmer for a day

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tug of war


Friday Night from 7:00 to 8:30 kid’s ages 4 to 12 are invited to meet on the common at the Pulling Ring for games and prizes. There will be relays, tests of strength, speed, concentration and creativity!!! But most of all there will be fun and laughter. Parents and kids please join us on the first night of the 159th Belchertown Fair. This activity is sponsored and coordinated by Christ Community Church.

Friday 7 PM


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What’s a Fair without Tractor Pulls? Kid’s aged 4-9 compete in 3 different classes to see who can pull the most weight. Last year the top weight pulled was 100 pounds. This is a wildly popular activity. You will be amazed at the crowd’s enthusiasm as they cheer on the hard working boys and girls.  Stop by the Kid’s Tent and check it out!. This activity continues to be  sponsored and coordinated by Devon Lane Tractor.

Sunday  12 PM

pedal tractor

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So how do you teach a frog to jump? There are both youth and adult classes. Frog owners gather on the green space  between the Exhibit Hall and the Church to see who has been the most successful frog teacher, or is it just the luckiest? Last year the “top frog” frog  took 1st place when he jumped am amazing 96”. This activity is coordinated by the Frog Prince himself, Terry Chevalier and his family. This activity is old time fun at its best.

Sunday 12 NOON

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   HENRY LAPPEN, Juggler,Stiltwalker,Comedienne

Henry will be opening the Kid’sTent on Friday at 4PM. Although you may see him first walking through the crowd on his stilts letting the crowd know his show is about to begin. Once back to theTent he sets about amazing you with some juggling and feats of balance. Like any good entertainer, however he has many talents and will be bringing his” Passion for Birds Show” to us on Saturday from 4-5PM in the Kids Tent. Created and performed by Henry , “A Passion for Birds” is a comic, interactive, educational show that uses realistic handmade masks to explore how different birds have evolved different shapes and behaviors to adapt to their environment.  Participants get a chance to try on the masks and soar as Eagles, swim as Puffins, and stalk as Herons. Henry is a natural educator and makes sure there is plenty of participation.   Check him out .Sponsored in part by Liberty Orchards Landscaping


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Please NO PETS,Service Animals are Always Welcome