Friends of Belchertown Fair ,Inc

Friends of the Belchertown Fair is a non-profit 501C organization designed to raise money in various ways to provide for capital projects  needed to enhance the fair equipment or activities. The organization has made some changes this year and expanded to selection of items available to help you remember this years event. For the 2nd year  Cats Meow selections  are available..  See  the blocks and pricing below.

Each can be purchased separately. However a set of the 3 youngsters can be purchased for a discounted price of  $40.00 and will include an envelope of seeds donated by the Wanczyk family from prize winning  giant pumpkins.

These can be pre-ordered  at The Selectmens Office at the Finnerty House in Belchertown , Town Clerks Office or Stadler Ace Hardware. They will also be available Fair weekend at the Gazebo.

tee_mens_blk159 Belchertown fair Tee shirts will also be available in limited supply during the fair or can be ordered  on line by following this link



For further information contact FriendsofBtownFair@gmail.com

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The theme of the

159th Belchertown Fair is

“Something To Crow About“.

Block Price is $20.00

Belchertown Fair & Parade
Boy on Pedal Tractor
At age 9, Cuinn Lydon won during the 2012KidsTractorPull. He and his siblings still enjoy going to the fair and volunteering in the Knights of Columbus booth.

Blocl Price is $15.00

Pedal Tractor

Emma with Chicken

Belchertown Fair & Parade
Girl with Balloon Hat

5 year old Emma Arquette is enjoying her balloon hat from Ed Pop and her little friend Bibble seems to be quite comfortable too.

Block Price $15,00

Belchertown Fair & Parade

Giant Pumpkin Winners 2015

Audrey and Charlotte Wanczyk are proudly sitting on their 540lb prize winning giant pumpkin on the Pumpkin Patch Float at the 158th Fair.

Block Price-$15.00

Pumpkin Patch Trailer