Belchertown Fair is a family oriented, community event which started as an agricultural gathering 160 years ago. Although we have added many activities over the years, we remain true to our small town roots. The goal is family participation in a safe environment at a reasonable cost. There is no admission and many free activities including music all weekend long. All of this adds to a continual stream of fair goers seeing what else there is to eat or purchase. We want it to be fun for vendors as well as fair goers.

Please take the time to read the 2017 vendor info carefully. It has changed for food vendors from previous years. It is essential that you understand what we can and cannot do.

  • We cannot guarantee that you will have the same space as last year. Because the fair is held on the common, which is populated with new and old trees, we require flexibility in booth placement.
  • Each year we have new and returning vendors. We do the best we can to place you in a compatible spots.
  • Please do not assume that you can have a bigger spot if you are a returning vendor. We are working with significant space limitations.
  • Tents which have cooking  underneath them must comply with Ma fire safety requirements. This impacts the availability of space impacts as well as location. Any questions?, contact Cindy at 413-323-6654.
  • Do not wait too long. We fill quickly and move to a wait list only situation.We will be expanding our operations to will make us more ecologically responsive. We support all efforts that are mindful of our need to protect our environment. We ask that no Styrofoam be used this year. All food and beverage containers should be biodegradable.We are currently exploring handling of our trash. More info will be shared as this area develops.
  • Each year we sponsor a Decorated Booth Contest which uses the theme of the Fair in the booth presentation. There are 2 winners,adult and youth , with each receiving $50 refund. This makes the fair grounds more fun and encourages fair-goers to take a closer look at each vendor and what they have to offer. The theme of the 2017 fair is “The Fairest of Them All”.



1. Review”Frequently Asked Vendor Question 160 Application Info PDF. If you continue to have questions contact Cindy Brown at 413-323-6654.

2. Download and complete the 160 Booth App-PDF.

3. Send it with the appropriate payment to Belchertown Fair,PO Box 670, Belchertown, MA, 01007 Attention Cindy

4. If appropriate download and complete the BOH-app PDF. Forward with payment to BOH, PO Box670,Belchertown, Ma

5. If appropriate download and complete Fire Permit App_Fair-2016-PDF . Forward with payment to the Fire Department,PO Box 1074,Belchertown,Ma

6. You will receive a written confirmation when your application is approved.

7. 1 week before the Fair booth placement will be published on this site. Do not set up until you have checked in at the Gazebo to insure there have been no changes during marking spaces.